Have you also noticed that most automotive technological solutions are marked with three-letter abbreviations? ABS, EBD and even EGR. Well, they all arouse mixed feelings in us drivers. Mainly because they bring something new.

I remember well the controversy surrounding the implementation of ABS systems. How many voices were against, that pulse braking should be enough, that disc brakes, that this, that that.

It’s all true, there are even champion drivers among us and today is again the sad anniversary of the departure of rally ace Janusz Kulig. And note, he didn’t die from ABS or EBD at all. Simply, at an unguarded crossing, he was swept away by a train.

Let us therefore acknowledge that certain solutions are implemented for the benefit of the so-called most, and after driving safety technology, the next area of controversy is ecology. In other words, how to make sure that the gases leaving the engine are not dirtier than those that it sucks in.

Such a thesis seems absurd, after all, in the combustion process, we treat the remains of decaying trees from the Cretaceous period and contemporary mammoths or whatever roamed the Earth with pressure and temperature. These are all components of the so-called fuels. fossil fuels and there is no strength to burn it clean.

And yet, modern engine technology is so advanced that PSA diesels parked in the center of Paris burn clean airborne nitrates – the most harmful substances. So yes, these solutions really work, like ABS used to when braking.

Theory is one thing, practice is another, and it often turns out that for the smooth functioning, it is necessary to take special care of the working conditions of these advanced technologies. If we were to simplify and imagine that we move around a small laboratory every day, there would be no exaggeration.

Anyone who has ever been to a laboratory knows that its first feature is… purity. I talk about it in another conversation with Roman Gradkowski from the chemical company FORTE. We urge you to keep your engine as clean as possible. For the sake of all of us.

Is your diesel failing? Take a look at the Forte package offer – here. If you are unsure which one is for you, please contact us.

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