Papa, don鈥檛 preach

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Papa, don鈥檛 preach

Yes, the other day, Marek Nied藕wiecki from Tr贸jka translated the title of Madonna’s hit (in the original „Papa, don’t preach”) and in a sense, this title fits here like a glove. Firstly, and most importantly, because a dirty engine actually poisons you. Yourself and others.

The recording of this series of conversations arose spontaneously. Simply, after a few meetings with Roman Gradkowski from Forte, we came to the conclusion that many of the questions and answers should be passed on to other car users to better understand the processes taking place in the engines of their cars.

The history of the chemical brand Forte dates back half a century. Interestingly, then the preparations were used to tune engines, i.e. to squeeze more efficiency out of them. Times have changed so much that today we pour Forte into the car engine to restore its performance and ensure clean operation.

I invite you to listen to this and subsequent conversations. I hope that they will allow you to better understand the issues of pollution, but above all, the sources of their formation. As for the effectiveness of Forte workshop chemistry, I checked it on several cars and I confirm that it works. I recommend.

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