Hyundai seems to be surfing the rising tide of success lately. Subsequent models turn out to be hits and the debut on the electrics market should be considered more than successful. In this arrangement, the Koreans decided to make themselves a gift.

The electric drive, in many ways, gives designers a lot of freedom when it comes to what they put on a universal chassis. These, in turn, use this freedom to transport themselves to a completely different, earlier time.

It’s a bit weird, actually. After all, once no one thought about such unification and cars were built with toil and sweat. And that was certainly the case in Korea. Therefore, for Hyundai, the Grandeur model was quite an achievement.

The flagship limousine is an obsession and every automotive brand suffers from such a disease in its time. Toyota has been suffering from it for decades, but such Citroen, Mercedes (now as Maybach) and also Americans, all want something like this in the catalog.

And let it not be an excuse that they count on government orders. One specialist brand in the world would suffice for such needs. Something like the manufacturer of English taxis. It’s about honor and it’s taken seriously.

If this is the case, then no shortcuts should be taken, and the recently presented Grandeur is an attempt to settle the matter at low cost. This cannot be liked and I do not consider this model to be a real car.

However, its place is definitely in the „neoretro” section, because that’s what it is: it combines the latest technology with a retro look that is supposed to give it some soul and honesty. Will it be enough for Grandeur to achieve the appropriate status? I doubt it.

Photo: Hyundai

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