This is another, third conversation about the formation of pollutants and the need to eliminate them from the inside of the engines of our cars. This time we explain what the title phenomenon is all about, i.e. where the pollution comes from and where it goes.

During my previous meetings with Roman Gradowski, we discussed the history of the chemical brand FORTE and talked about the need to keep the engines in our cars clean, because only then such an engine is able to work optimally.

While it is not difficult to understand the need for hygiene, after all, it is known that if something is clean, it works better. This truth works in relation to the coffee mug, the bathroom at home or the car engine, on which the timely settlement of important matters often depends.

However, it turns out that many of us have difficulty imagining the sources of engine pollution, which is why we explain their formation and circulation within the framework of the scheme we have called the „dirt cycle”. I invite you to watch the programme.

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