A scratch on the glass.

34 wyś. Strefa Wsparcia Autora

In reference to the text of Urszula’s hit, I would just like to write that I don’t understand what the lyrics are about for the hell of it, but I know that in winter scraping ice from car windows I hate the scratches that sometimes remain on them the most.

Anticipating the questions, I will also add that the following text is not sponsored material at all. Firstly, because I got a scraper as a gift and secondly, that you will not find them (yet) in my online store.

But let’s start from the beginning. Through all the car changes and moving, I woke up again this winter with the sad realization of my vulnerability in the face of snowfall. Both the scrapers and the snow brush were left in one of the previous cars/houses.

If so, I remembered a Finnish device I had spotted in one of the automotive shops, and when a friend called for advice on a scraper, I immediately referred her to that place and she bought two, one for me.

You’ll think that something is wrong here since I’m sending a man to a specific address on a matter as trivial as a scraper, but it’s not like that. I sent for a branded product, behind which is the practice of real winters and not anything that resembles such a device.

Murska, because that’s the name of my scraper, came from Finland and is characterized primarily by minimalist design and maximum functionality. Before you go online, let me explain that the brand offers several designs and mine is simply a top model.

What caught my attention in their offer was the ice scraper knife made of brass, which is supposed to practically exclude the formation of scratches. The Finns use brass in all their models, so regardless of the fee paid, you are protected in this regard.

Individual scrapers may also differ in size, color and functionality. While short models will work for scraping ice and removing the layer of water from the windows, such as mine can still be used for snow removal.

And again, it’s not a big deal, and yet the stiffness of the brush bristles, setting them in two separate rows, makes the snow efficiently disappear from the bodywork and the brush does not kill itself with white fluff. Quickly and efficiently

The length of the brush handle is also optimal. I easily reach halfway up the roof of Marea, and after use, I efficiently place the brush on the left side of the driver’s seat, between it and the door. I can also separate the scraper from the brush and give it to someone to work with.

I mentioned this at the beginning, but it is worth emphasizing the point. Well, the Finns are sensitive to aesthetics and do not avoid everyday objects. Only two colors were used in my scraper, and those are masculine colors. I was happy to accept this fact because I simply hate pink or purple tools, they just seem unsuited to work and not serious.

Finnish Murska scrapers are available in many online stores, you will be best able to find them yourself. Prices are moderate, but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. And I promise myself one thing that I will not leave my Murska in the car anymore, she will travel with me, or she will go to the next car. Especially since it’s a gift.

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